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Author Topic: Half-Life 2 Rules  (Read 82 times)


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Half-Life 2 Rules
« on: February 09, 2014, 02:33:05 pm »
1.   Players are expected to be role-playing as soon as they load a character.  Excessively using Out Of Character chat for pointless banter will not be tolerated.  If you have questions, read the directory found in the TAB menu in-game.

2.  This is a serious role-play community, so act like it.  'Voiding' situations may lead to punishable action taken against you by a staff member.

3.  Meta-Gaming in any way, shape or form is punishable by ban.  Just because someone says "lol swag drugs in slums bro" on the OOC chatter doesn't mean your character would know about it.

4.  Every single person is expected to adapt to situations with realism.  This means playing to lose.

5.  Under no circumstances will we ever roll to figure out the victor of a given scenario.

6.  Your citizen is malnourished and untrained, and therefore vulnerable.  You're out of your mind if you think you will be able to take on a patrol unit all on your own.

7. Players are permitted to attack other characters with a valid reason.  Attacking them because you don't like their face will not be considered valid.  Serial killers may target anyone who fits their twisted fantasy; however these characters must be authorized by a Senior Administrator.

8.  Serial killers will be perma-killed if their character dies during attempted murders.

9.  You are to properly role-play taking out or picking up any items before grabbing them.  If another character performs a valid action and obtains the object before or during your action to pick it up, you must cease and accept that maybe you should type faster.

10.  Everyone is to properly role-play fear and pain.  If you were gazing down the barrel of a loaded gun you would feel fear; if you were shot in the foot you would feel pain.  Be realistic and use common sense.

11.  There are strict rules for firefights that every single person must abide by. Before a firefight may happen, both parties need to have drawn their weapons out ahead of time, with a valid /me that can be traced by an admin.  Once both sides are ready, they may shoot according to the following rules without performing an RP action, unless stated otherwise.  These rules are straight forward, and under no circumstances will we ever bend them to someones will.   

  • Citizens and Combine alike are able to properly engage and hit their targets within a range of 10 meters.
  • Keep it realistic. Citizens are not going to be able to be accurate on medium to long range engagements.  Shoot-to-miss when engaging in a distance, unless you have received proper training as a Protection Unit.
  • Do not aim for the head unless performing executions.
  • Make the engagements last, this is a video game and it should be entertaining for both parties.
  • Magically hearing someone sneaking up on you while you're distracted, or dodging a bullet point blank will be considered power-gaming, and is punishable by a perma-kill.
  • Both sides are to simulate suppression when under fire. Run to cover and play it smart as opposed to standing in the streets and firing back.

12.  New Life Rules applies to all people who are caught in a firefight or are the victims of murder.  This person is to forget the past 24 hours of their characters life.

13.  Your character may not be genetically modified, different, or anything of the sort. This includes but is not limited to: super strength, oddly colored skin, very tall (Above 6'5") or abnormally short (below 5'4")

14.  Prop-surfing, prop spamming, using props to glitch through doors or creating structures is a bannable offense.

15.  Do not assume the role of an administrator by taking punishable action against a fellow member.  If there is no staff member online, take the time to gather evidence against the offending player and post a ban request. Teaching new players is fine, killing them for rule breaking is not.

16.  Do not disconnect or switch characters to 'Void' role-play; it may punishable by ban.

17.  If you have multiple characters than they are expected to live separate lives.  Under no circumstances are you able to give relations between two of your characters in any way, shape or form.

18.  Do not deliberately jump off of buildings, or cause harm to your character in an OOC manner unless you are prepared to be perma-killed.

19.  This server takes place in the Half-Life Universe...so do NOT create characters over the age of 60 or below the age of 21.

20. Under no circumstances will we allow sexism, racism or insults of any kind when used to insult a player.  Your characters may be racist, but do not deliberately target a fellow player.

21.  You may not abuse attributes or any special perks given to you.

22.  Do not engage in cyber on the server.  The game is about developing your character, not having sexual relations with others.

23.  Invisible weaponry or otherwise known as In-Character weapons and gear are not allowed, and will not be authorized by any staff member.

24.  Your citizen is not a scientist nor do you know rocket science.

25.  Ignorance is not an excuse for rule breaking. It is your job to read and understand these rules, not ours.

26.  Just because a rule isn't listed, does not mean it doesn't apply. Use your brain.
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